What’s So Great About Solar Panels And Why Is Everyone Talking About Them?

Many question the benefits of going green when it comes to boosting the values of their home. Can improvements such as solar panels and energy conserving fixtures actually increase the value of a home?

Well, according to an article in Clean Technica a study shows that adding solar panels could increase your home’s resale value by thousands. Our society is more aware and concerned with environmental issues than we’ve ever been. As more and more individuals begin to understand the effects they may be having on the environment, a new market for green appliances opens up to the masses and solar panels are at the forefront.

According to The National Bureau of Economic Research, solar panels increase a home’s value roughly $20 for every $1 decrease in energy costs; this could save you $600 a year and increase the value of your home by $12,000. Although the price of adding a solar installation to your home may have a hefty upfront cost, it could end up being financially beneficial in the long run.