Top 3 Reasons To Consider Buying A New Home During The Holidays

Holiday gifts, dinners and traveling are the typical money guzzling purchases families expect, and plan for, during this time of year, but maybe they should add buying a new house to the list.

The holiday season may turn off many from purchasing a new home, but should it? It turns out, buying a new home during the holiday season can come with a few benefits.

1. Deals

For many homeowners looking to sell their homes this time of year, there is usually a sense of urgency as they want to sell quickly. With the winter months being notoriously known as the real estate slow season, sellers may be more willing to negotiate.

2. Use your holiday vacation time

Before you buy a new house you have to find one first. The house hunting process can be time consuming. Use your time off to go visit homes you might not have time to see otherwise. A little extra time goes a long way in the home purchasing process!

3. It’s a savvy financial move

As the feds prepare to raise mortgage rates, now’s a great time to shop and lock-in a great rate. Consult a financial advisor, but under certain conditions, homeowners are allowed to itemize and deduct interest paid on their mortgage