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Take Our 15 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Day 1: Put the dishwasher to good use

I know what you’re thinking, “I already use my dishwasher almost every day.” Yes, most of us use our dishwasher to wash dirty dishes regularly, but this appliance can be used for much more. Fill it up with things that don’t typically get as much care, like glass light fixtures, plastic toys, toothbrush holders, etc.

Day 2: Fluff up the mattresses

Most of us probably make a point to clean our bedding (sheets, pillowcases, blankets) pretty regularly, but how often do we spend time cleaning what’s beneath the sheets. Vacuum, spot clean, and spray a disinfectant on all of the mattresses in the house.

Day 3: Get rid of cabinet grime

This is especially important in the kitchen where dust, mixed with grease can create buildup. Give all the cabinets in your home a good wipe down.

Day 4: Clean the machines

The appliances we use to clean our things also need a cleaning of their own. Run a disinfectant cleaning cycle with an appropriate cleaning agent in your dishwasher and washing machines. Then make sure to wipe them down and remove any buildup. Also, give your vacuum a little TLC by replacing the bag and cleaning the nozzles and dust cup.

Day 5: Strip your closets

Sometimes the best way to clean up unwanted clutter in drawers and closet spaces is to start throwing things away. If you find clothes you haven’t worn in over a year, donate them!

Day 6: Sweep the broom

Or nix it altogether. Your broom can get filthy and without proper cleaning, you may be spreading more mess and germs. Clean your brooms or replace them with new ones.

Day 7: Down and grout

Grout stains are unsightly and a pain to clean. Spend a day getting those hard to reach spaces spick and span. Grab your soap, bleach, water or whatever works best for you, mix it up and start scrubbing.

Day 8: Comfort your comforters

Comforters and pillows don’t have to be cleaned often, but they still need to be cleaned.

Day 9: Declutter the clutter

Throw out old magazines, makeup brushes, plastic cups etc.

Day 10: Attack the oven

Crumbs and tough stuck on food can be a pain to remove from the oven, but a good oven cleaner, or even a little baking soda and vinegar, can make the process so much easier.

Day 11: Ventilate the ventilation

Dirty vents can blow dust and germs throughout your home. Clean them out and keep them clear.

Day 12: Clear the fridge

Many refrigerators have shelves that can be popped in and out of place. If they’re small enough, they are perfect for the dishwasher. Make sure all spillage is wiped up and old unwanted food that’s been sitting on the back shelf is thrown out.

Day 13: Make your sink shine

Lemons can be used to clean the exterior of your sink, and running lemon rinds through the garbage disposal can help with unwanted smells

Day 14: Don’t forget the walls

Cleaning your walls and trims is usually not at the top of a cleaning to-do list, but these surface areas could use a good spring cleaning. Also, wipe down all of the doors in your home and disinfect the knobs.

Day 15: Pet cleaning day

Throw all pet blankets and toys in the wash and rub down all of their living surfaces (kennels, cages, beds, aquariums).

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