Reduce Your Debt-To-Income Ratio

In the wake of the home finance crisis that began in about 2008, obtaining a mortgage is now more difficult than it was before, but knowing the obstacles will help prepare you for buying a home.  Today’s lenders want to avoid the mistakes that bankrupted yesterday’s lenders.  Additionally, Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) Fannie Mae and […]


Is It Time For Back To School Shopping Already? Let’s Hear It For Tax Free Weekends

Summer break is quickly coming to an end and kids are begrudgingly preparing to head back to school, which only means one thing; its back to school shopping season! Fortunately for some, many states offer tax free weekends on school supplies, clothing, shoes and more. We’ve got the list below! Chart courtesy of State […]


How To Save Money Without Doing Anything!

Raise your hand if you hate click-bait headlines. Me too! However, that is NOT what this is. If you’re anything like me, the idea of possessing impregnable willpower that keeps you from spending on simple (yet expensive) pleasures is disheartening. Passing up my grande caramel macchiato every morning as I drive by Starbucks is a feat I […]


Brexit – What’s Happening With Our Friends Across The Pond And How It Could Affect You

For those who haven’t heard, last week the UK experienced a historical shock when British voters surprised everyone and voted in favor of a British exit, aka Brexit, from the European Union. With the news of the UK  withdrawing from the European Union, experts have been in major debates over the future trickle effects this […]


8 Financial Steps To Take Before You Turn 30

College is over and late nights followed by even later mornings are all but a thing in the past. You may find yourself thinking about your future in ways that you never have before. Focusing on things like marriage, children, careers, homeownership or a combination of all. “What could this shift in thinking possibly mean?” […]


Growing Debt For New Grads

It’s 2016 and a fresh new crop of students brimming with knowledge and ready to enter the work force are merely weeks away from graduation! Many of these students will go on to secure well-paying jobs and begin growing their savings in order to invest in their very own home just like their parents before […]


Home Ownership. How Soon Is Too Soon?

So, you’re debating whether you should purchase a home and many questions are running through your mind. “Is this the right decision for me?”, “Can I afford a house?”, “Is it worth it to own?” Well, we have the answer for you! We don’t know. Deciding to purchase a house depends on a number of […]


How Much Should You Save For Retirement? Four Factors To Consider

When it comes to saving for retirement, many people have no idea how much money they should put aside to retire the way they want to. An ideal retirement figure depends on a wide range of factors, from desired retirement age to percentage of income saved every year. Here are four common factors used to […]