How To Sell To Millennial Homebuyers

When it comes to homeownership, there has definitely been a lag in the market brought on by the lack of participation from the millennial generation. There are many calculable reasons millennials have delayed homeownership with data showing the disparity between generation x and their millennial counterparts in regards to home prices, incomes, debt and other economic factors. However, lack of participation does not equate lack of desire, and as the younger generation has continued to age (the oldest of the millennials turning 36 this year) and reap the current economic benefits of increasing incomes and steady job growths as well as personal financial stability, we are beginning to see many more throw their hat into the housing ring.

With that being said, preparing a marketing strategy is more important than ever when selling to the millennial generation. Your audience is different, so expectations are different as well. Check out our 5 tips below for the best practices when selling to the millennial generation:

1. Get social

It is a widely known fact that millennials love social media. In fact, on Facebook alone, only 11% of 20-35 year olds don’t have an active account. If you’re not on social media you’re missing out on a gold mine of potential clients.

2. Location is key

For millennials, their dream home is more likely to depend on the location and neighborhood of the property than its aesthetic qualities. School district, community initiatives and business proximity all play a key role in selling to this demographic.

3. Be mobile friendly

Interacting with a generation in which 90% own smartphones and 93% are accessing the internet through mobile devices, it’s safe to say that making sure that you’re a mobile friendly agent is a great investment.

4. Be transparent

Authenticity is one of the best qualities you can develop when selling to millennials. This generation is being inundated with advertisements and sales pitches all day every day. They don’t want to be sold to. They want a transparent and honest relationship with their agent that provides education and clear information during their home buying process.

5. Build up your reviews

Thanks to the instantaneous nature of technology and endless resources at ones fingertips, the average millennial (first time homebuyer or not) will come to you already informed on the market and on you. Make sure you have positive online reviews placed on third party sites such as google and social media as well as on your personal webpage in order make it easy for them to choose you. This builds trust and establishes credibility between you and your clients

Staging Your Home for a Fast Sale

Staging Your Home For A Fast Sale

When it comes to selling a home fast, the staging and interior presentation can go a long way in persuading buyers to make a purchase.

Check out these 5 tips on how to stage a home in a way that showcases its strengths and de-emphasizes its weaknesses!

Tip #1 – Declutter

A cluttered home is a turn off. Make sure everything’s tidy and any excess junk is removed. You want the home to feel as open as possible.

Tip #2 – Neutral colors

Although you may love the electric blue kitchen or artistic horse mural in the living room, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Make sure all walls are painted a neutral color that won’t put off a potential buyer.

Tip #3 – Great Lighting

An important aspect to any home is the lighting. Make sure curtains aren’t drawn and let as much natural light inside as possible. Compensate for a dim lit room by replacing light fixtures and lamp bulbs with a higher wattage.

Tip #4 Group your furniture

Reposition your couch and chairs to help open a room up. Instead of having everything pushed up against a wall, bring your seating to the center of the room. Group couches and chairs into conversational arrangements, but remain mindful of traffic flow.

Tip #5 Accessorize

The right accessories can make your home feel more inviting. Make sure not to go overboard, however. Try accessorizing in 3’s or odd numbers and make sure the pieces are unifying.

tips for thanksgiving

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here and many homeowners are preparing to host friends and family. This can often make homeowners feel as though they must do a thorough deep cleaning of their home, but we think the holiday season is already stressful enough. Check out our list of 5 easy ways to get your home ready for guests without turning into Cinderella (before her fairy godmother worked her magic).

1) Make the bathroom sparkle If you can only focus on your attention on one room in your home, make it the bathroom. It receives the most traffic and will be judged by your grandmother and aunts the harshest. Give it a good scrub and light a candle before guest arrive.

2) Vacuum the main areas Hallways, dining rooms, guest rooms, wherever guests will be spending time – quickly run a vacuum over the floors.

3) Fluff the living room pillows Make the couch look inviting for everyone to gather and mingle and watch the game.

4) Use natural light and lamps Overhead lights may shine focus on your little secret that you didn’t have time to deep clean. Turn on the lamps, open the blinds, and light candles and everyone will be commenting on how cozy your home feels.

5) Turn on some holiday music and relax Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and family. Don’t stress the small details. Enjoy time with family and focus on making memories.

6 Easy Landscaping Projects to get your Lawn Fall Ready

6 Easy Landscaping Projects To Get Your Lawn Fall Ready!

The cooler weather season is the perfect time to show off the beauty of all things fall in your home’s landscaping. It can be tough preparing your yard for autumn, but the payoffs are great and staying active in your yard can feel very rewarding once your home is the standout on your block.

Get your home fall ready with these 6 landscaping projects!

1. Spread Mulch

Spreading mulch in your yard is a great way to add color! Not to mention, mulch can fend off weeds and lock in moisture to keep your plants healthier than ever as the cold weather arrives.

2. Pull Weeds

Protect your vegetation. Weeds are invasive pests that not only affect the look of your garden and lawn but can cause damage to your flowers.

3. Plant Flowers

Update your garden with a splash of fall colors! Replace your dead summer plants with bright mums or pansies or any other autumn flower. Fall is also a great time to plant trees and shrubs!

4. Throw Out Some Seed

Sections of your lawn may have been damaged due to summer heat. Combat the issue by over-seeding the damaged patch.

5. Keep on Mowing

Although your grass will grow slower in cooler temperature, you still shouldn’t neglect to mow. Remember, when cutting in cooler months, you don’t want to leave it too long or cut it too short. The ideal height is 2.5 to 3 inches in height.

6. Add a Little Fall Décor!

Add a simple wreath of fall florals to your front door, or go all out with an entire autumn themed look. Remember, pumpkins are the perfect fall staple!

Halloween Tips For A Safe Evening

No matter your age, Halloween is a festive time of year. Decorating your home with spooky jack-o-lanterns and haunted displays add to the fun.

October 31st gives individuals many great excuses to dress up as their favorite characters, and eat as many sweet treats as they’d like, so you wouldn’t want your evening tainted by a Halloween mishap.

This is why it’s important for homeowners to take precautions on All Hallows’ Eve to ensure that their home, and all of their little trick-or-treaters, have a safe evening.

1) Before heading out of the house on your trick-or-treating adventures, make sure to go over a safety game plan with your kids. Inform them to stay in well-lit driveways and pay attention to street traffic.

2) Candles are Halloween staples as homeowners often use them to create a spooky glow on their homes by lining them along their walkways. This same effect can be achieved with LED lights. Candles pose a risk as lots of little feet will be walking around your home, and they can be knocked over and cause harm to your property or to an individual.

3) If you have a loose porch step or railing you’ve been meaning to fix, now is the perfect time. Your front door will be inhabited by tiny ballerinas and ghouls for the evening, so making sure all dangerous or hazardous conditions are repaired will be important to ensure safety.

4) Don’t forget your pets. Unfortunately, a fun spooky Halloween for you can be an actual terror for many pets. Create a safe environment for your pets as the constant doorbell ringing and stream of visitors can spook them right out of the front door. A confined space like a crate or small room they feel they can guard and protect may be more comfortable for your pet.

5) Halloween is also an optimal time to look over your home’s insurance coverage. As visitors come to and from your home, you are opening yourself up to potential lawsuits, so making sure you are sufficiently covered is important.

Now that you’ve taken the proper measures to safeguard your home from any catastrophes, you’re ready to enjoy a fun family filled evening!

Get Your Home Fall Ready!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The leaves are changing and the weather’s getting chillier. That can only mean one thing; fall is here!

In order to get in the spirit of the season and prepare for cooler weather, we’ve compiled a list of fall prep must dos. Check off each of our home ready tips, and you’ll be sipping a pumpkin spice latte snuggled by your fire place in no time!

1. Get Cozy

Blankets make life more comfy. Pull out your down comforters and fluffy blankets and get your bed ready to go for the cold nights ahead.

2. Clean Things Up

Who says deep cleaning your home is an activity just for spring. Fall cleaning can help get your house prepped and decluttered for cooler weather. Make sure there’s no clutter stored near heaters, furnaces or other heating appliances.

3. Let There be Fire

You may want to hire a chimney sweep to get your fireplace in tip top shape for the cold weather season. Unfortunately, fires are more likely during the fall and winter. Keep your home and family safe by taking necessary safety precautions with your chimney and fireplace.

4. Fill in the Gaps

Make sure all gaps around windows and doors are sealed up. Weather-stripping and caulk can help, so that your home stays insulated and warm during the cold months ahead; don’t make your furnace work harder than it has to.

5. Perform an Appliance Checkup

As temperature drop, it’s important to be able to keep your home warm and comfortable. Check your boiler or furnace and replace filters. Also, test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices. Safety is key!

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

When updating and putting work into their house, homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on the inside. However, while a home with a beautiful interior is important, don’t forget about its exterior. Just like when meeting new people, first impressions matter. Spending time improving your home’s curb appeal can increase your home’s value just like a kitchen update would. In fact, the National Association of Realtors report that a $330 lawn investment could increase the value of your home by $1000.

Check out our tips on boosting your curb appeal and put even more value into your home!

Tip #1 Pressure wash

Over time, your home collects dirt that can make it look old and uninviting. A good deck and sidewalk pressure wash can get it back to looking as good as new.

Tip #2 Update and accessorize

There are many front porch accessories that can make your home look inviting and new. Standard home address numbers, light fixtures and mailboxes could make your home look outdated, and now may be the time for an overhaul.

Tip #3 The front door

Want to give your home a pop of color? How about painting the front door as an inexpensive fix, or if you  have room in your budget, replace the old door with something a little more modern. Don’t forget to clean and polish the door knob. Beauty is in the details!

Tip# 4 Plant flowers

Nothing makes a home feel more homey than a beautiful garden. Plant flowers, plants and trees and increase your home’s beauty as well as its energy efficiency!

 Tip #5 Get rid of the garbage

Trashcans are important, but they are an eyesore. Hide them around the back of the home instead of parking them out front or install a fence to camouflage them.

Avoid These 7 Things That Could Turn Off Potential Home Buyers

Avoid These 5 Things That Could Turn Off Potential Home Buyers

When selling your home, you must keep others’ potential hang ups in mind. Being attentive to and avoiding possible turnoffs can help you get your home sold fast. Check out our list of the top 5 no-no’s when showing your home.

1. Pets

Yes, you love your furry four legged friend, but others may not share your feelings. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the family pet, but maybe let Fido roam the fenced backyard or spend some time in his crate while guests are over.

2. Obscene images

Offensive or unsavory images may make those viewing your home feel uncomfortable. Also, be mindful that everyone may not share your penchant for High Renaissance nude artwork, no matter how tasteful.

3. Locked doors

When potential homeowners view a home, they want to see the complete home, so having locked or private rooms may send the wrong message. There must be a degree of transparency and trust between buyer and seller.

4. Messy home

A surefire way to turn off a potential homebuyer is showing an unkempt home. Dirty dishes in the sink, un-mopped floors, messy front lawn, and an unmade bed are all things that need to be rectified before a buyer steps foot in the door.

5. Odors

Strong smells can be a huge turnoff. Pets, foods, cigarette smoke, your favorite scented candle – try to reduce all odors from your home. If a buyer finds your home to have an unpleasant stench, it colors the way they view the entire home.

school Supply Drive

Back To School – School Supply Drive

In an effort to raise school supplies through local organizations – Agape Youth and Family Center and Metro United Way – to help children in need, AmeriSave employees stepped up to the plate. In our Atlanta branch the team raised 1,500 items and in the Louisville branch the team raised 6,979 items with a combined total of almost 8,500 school supplies in just two weeks.

This has been an annual initiative for AmeriSave and we will continue to serve the communities in our branch cities. As we continue to grow, we look forward to expanding our charitable efforts in the communities of our Denver and Troy branches.

selling house right move

Is “For Sale By Owner” The Right Move For You?

Buying a property that’s for sale by owner, or FSBO, doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it may offer some advantages as you won’t have to pay fees or commissions for a real estate agent (although, using a professional is always recommended).

However, when pursuing a FSBO home, there are a few things that you should consider in order to ensure the home buying process goes off without a hitch.

Purchase Agreement

So you found the perfect FSBO and want to make a purchase, but you don’t know what to do next. Well, your first order of business should be drafting a purchase agreement. This will be an important document for your lender so you want to make sure you include all of the needed information.

  • Buyer and seller details
  • Pricing and financing
  • Insurance
  • Property details
  • Closing and possession dates
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Title considerations
  • Any additional info that may be needed


After creating your purchase agreement, the next step should be obtaining homeowners insurance; without insurance you will not be able to procure a loan from a mortgage lender. Homeowners insurance protects you and everyone else invested in your home from property damage.


One of the next steps in purchasing a FSBO is scheduling an appraisal. The appraiser determines the worth of a property by comparing the values of comparable homes in the area. This also requires an inspection of the home to make certain repairs and safety conditions are satisfied before the loan can be brought into closing.