What Cities Have The Best Housing Market?

The current housing market is experiencing an increase in home values due to a supply problem (housing demand is up, but housing supply is down). For first time homebuyers looking to purchase an affordable home, the task ahead may seem daunting, but there is hope for you yet.

Check out this list put together by Business Insider  of the nine best housing markets and see how these nine cities stack up:

9. Tampa, FL

Median Home Price: $163,600

8. Houston, TX

Median Home Price: $172,100

7. St. Louis, MO

Median Home Price: $141,900

6. Oklahoma City, OK

Median Home Price: $132,500

5. Chicago, IL

Median Home Price: $193,800

4. Cleveland, OH

Median Home Price: $125,500

3. Memphis, TN

Median Home Price: $112,100

2. Pittsburgh, PA

Median Home Price: $126,700

1.Indianapolis, IN

Median Home Price: $130,200

*All median home prices taken from Zillow Home Value Index

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