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Things To Do Before Heading Out On Vacation

Vacation season is finally here and families are making travel plans to pack up and get away for quality time with the family. Getting away for a few weeks during the summer is an excellent way to relax and recharge, but don’t forget to take these steps before leaving your home.

Have peace of mind and enjoy your time away knowing that your home will be in great condition when you get back.

1. Get unplugged

Unplug all of your counter appliances and electronics (i.e. televisions, computers, toaster, coffeemaker). This will not only help save energy and reduce your electricity bill, but it’s also a preventative measure for electrical fires.

2. Turn off the water

Returning home to a flooded house is a fast way to undue all of the good vibes and relaxation you experienced during your vacation. Simply turning off your main water supply will eliminate chances of a water catastrophe.  While you’re at it, most water heaters have a “vacation” setting to lower the temperature while it’s not being used.

3. Hire a house sitter

If you can afford it, a house sitter is well worth the expense. This individual will either stay at your home while you’re away or check in at different intervals to pick up mail, water plants and generally just make the house look lived in.

4. Stop your mail

Before you head out for vacation, call your local mail service and put a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery before you leave. An overstuffed mailbox or stacks of newspapers on your curb is a tell-tale sign to home invaders that your house is unoccupied.

5. Use or get rid of perishable foods

Depending on how long your trip is, your food may spoil and go bad before you return, and coming home to smelly rotten food is never pleasant. Plan on not going to the grocery store the week before your trip and just eat what you already have.

6. Park your car in your garage – ask neighbor to park in your driveway

Leaving your car unattended for a period of time, even parked in front of your home, is just asking for shattered windows. Having a neighbor park in your driveway gives the illusion that someone is coming and going and therefore the house is occupied.

7. Don’t leave your spare key

Leaving a spare key under your front door planter or mat is not a wise decision when you are planning on leaving your home unattended. Instead, give your spare to a trusted neighbor or family member.

8. Purchase automatic light timers

Another inexpensive way to keep your home looking lived in is to purchase light timers. Schedule them to come on and off at periodic times throughout the day.

9. Be careful what you post on social media

We all love to post pictures and updates of the exciting things going on in our lives, and what’s more exciting than getting away for a relaxing vacation. Just be careful with the information you are putting out there, most times, that information is accessible to any and every one. Instead of posting your vacay itinerary, share pictures with your friends and family after the fact.

10. Clean the house

After a fun time relaxing on a beach enjoying your summer getaway, the drive or flight back home can be brutal. The only thing that could make the experience worse is coming home and having to clean. Plan ahead and clean your home before you leave, that way you can come home to a clean home and all you have to do is jump into the bed and continue your relaxation!

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