Four Common Tax Deductions For Homeowners

During income tax season, many American homeowners will qualify for one or more tax deductions based on their real estate holdings. For some, the deductions can result in thousands of dollars in savings. Following is a quick list of four common tax deductions for U.S. homeowners. 1. Mortgage interest deduction: The mortgage interest deduction allows homeowners to […]


Saving Your Tax Refund Wisely

Last week we gave you some tips on ways to spend your tax refund more wisely.  Most of these tips involved reducing debt, improving your financial life and planning for retirement.  This week we have a few more tips that will help you improve your lifestyle and relieve some stress. Saving for Education College tuition […]


Make Your Tax Refund Work For You

It’s the time of the year where the most eager tax filers are starting to find their tax refund has been delivered to their mailbox or directly deposited to their checking account.  The average federal refund has been about $3000 for the last two years, according to TurboTax.  That amount of money is sure to leave […]