5 Reasons To Consider Using A Real Estate Agent

Acquiring a house is one of the biggest financial purchases you will make, and navigating the steps to homeownership can be confusing and a little intimidating; even more so if you are in the beginning stages of finding your first home. Would you leave such a big decision and financial burden to chance in the hopes that everything might turn out ok? I didn’t think so.

Asking for help from an expert is one of the best decisions you could make. Still not convinced? Check out our list below of the top 5 reasons why we believe you should consider using a real estate agent.

They know what they’re doing

Like any other professional, real estate agents are trained in what they do. They spend time educating themselves and staying current on market trends as well as key information that your internet search won’t teach you.

They save time

Having a real estate agent may save you a massive amount of time. For those busy managing their families and working, taking care of all the responsibilities that comes with selling, moving or both, may be a bit overwhelming. An agent can schedule open houses and find potential homes that fit your needs and budget.

They help decrease your stress

Home buying and selling is stressful, but having an agent may take off some of the pressure. They stay on top of the paperwork and incoming inquires.

They are your advocate

The home purchasing and selling process can be an emotional one, and when emotions are high buyers and sellers communication can get interesting. A professional middleman can address concerns  for all parties in a way that’s effective and protects the interest of their clients.

They work on a deadline

Sticking to a timeline is difficult with a professional, imagine going at it alone. Real estate agents are able to take your time frame into account and do their best to get the work done within those parameters.

AmeriSave Advantage

AmeriSave realizes the importance of connecting our clients with a network of professionals that can cater to their needs.

The AmeriSave Advantage program is designed to help customers in the home buying process by giving them access to a network of local real estate agents and providing them with a client coordinator who acts as a liaison between them and agents to ensure a smooth process and answer any questions.

Another added benefit of using AmeriSave Advantage is the possibility of receiving a cashback reward based on the purchase/sale price of the home. For example, a customer purchasing a home for $300,000 could receive a reward of $1,300. *

For more information on AmeriSave Advantage, click here.

*The program is not offered in all states and some states may have restrictions on the reward.