2018’S Top 10 Housing Markets

The beginning of the year is off to a strong start for many housing markets across the US. According to a list aggregated by realtor.com, 10 metros are predicted to shine the brightest in 2018. The list was made by analyzing the prices and number of sales of existing home, the number of homes constructed in the 100 largest markets, the local economies in each metro, population trends, unemployment and finally, median household incomes.

10. Tulsa, OK Median home price: $199,586

With the home price national average at $275,000, Tulsa has the most affordable homes on this list falling well below the average.

9.Nashville, TN Median home price: $358,501

The population in Nashville is rising as more people move in to the now popular city which is making the listing prices jump. In the past year prices have soared 10.8%.

8. Colorado Springs, CO Median home price: $375,000

Thanks to legalized recreational marijuana, the entire state of Colorado has seen an economic boom. Builders are capitalizing on the city’s more affordable costs in comparison to neighboring city Denver.

7. Charlotte, NC Median home price: $325,045

Charlotte is a major financial hub so many are moving into the area for work. Not to mention, the low cost of living makes this a prime place for out of towners to retire.

6. Salt Lake City, UT Median home price: $360,828

The popularity of Salt Lake City makes the city an extremely competitive market for potential homebuyers. Some buyers are offering 20 -25% higher than the asking price.

5. Lakeland, FL Median home price: $224,950

Over the last few years, Lakeland has revived itself from a city severely affected by the recession to a booming housing industry.

4. Stockton, CA Median home price: $385,050

With prices less than a quarter of what buyers would pay in San Francisco, Stockton is becoming the new it city despite its reputation for crime.

3. Deltona, FL Median home price: $275,050

Location, location, location! Situated between Daytona Beach and Orlando with a 30 minute commute to either, Deltona is a prime area to take roots for an affordable price.

2. Dallas, TX Median home price: $339,300

Thanks to low cost of living and taxes, many companies are relocating to this Texas city and bringing their employees with them.

1.Las Vegas, NV Median home price: $285,045

In Las Vegas the economy is expected to grow a whopping 8.7% in 2018; compare that to the other top 100 markets’ 6.4% growth. The once downtrodden city is on the rise and attracting a wide range of new residents.