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How To Sell To Millennial Homebuyers

When it comes to homeownership, there has definitely been a lag in the market brought on by the lack of participation from the millennial generation. There are many calculable reasons millennials have delayed homeownership with data showing the disparity between generation x and their millennial counterparts in regards to home prices, incomes, debt and other economic factors. However, lack of participation does not equate lack of desire, and as the younger generation has continued to age (the oldest of the millennials turning 36 this year) and reap the current economic benefits of increasing incomes and steady job growths as well as personal financial stability, we are beginning to see many more throw their hat into the housing ring.

With that being said, preparing a marketing strategy is more important than ever when selling to the millennial generation. Your audience is different, so expectations are different as well. Check out our 5 tips below for the best practices when selling to the millennial generation:

1. Get social

It is a widely known fact that millennials love social media. In fact, on Facebook alone, only 11% of 20-35 year olds don’t have an active account. If you’re not on social media you’re missing out on a gold mine of potential clients.

2. Location is key

For millennials, their dream home is more likely to depend on the location and neighborhood of the property than its aesthetic qualities. School district, community initiatives and business proximity all play a key role in selling to this demographic.

3. Be mobile friendly

Interacting with a generation in which 90% own smartphones and 93% are accessing the internet through mobile devices, it’s safe to say that making sure that you’re a mobile friendly agent is a great investment.

4. Be transparent

Authenticity is one of the best qualities you can develop when selling to millennials. This generation is being inundated with advertisements and sales pitches all day every day. They don’t want to be sold to. They want a transparent and honest relationship with their agent that provides education and clear information during their home buying process.

5. Build up your reviews

Thanks to the instantaneous nature of technology and endless resources at ones fingertips, the average millennial (first time homebuyer or not) will come to you already informed on the market and on you. Make sure you have positive online reviews placed on third party sites such as google and social media as well as on your personal webpage in order make it easy for them to choose you. This builds trust and establishes credibility between you and your clients

items every real estate agent should keep in their trunk

The 7 Items Every Real Estate Agent Should Keep In Their Trunk

As an agent, you know from experience the kinds of curve balls that can be thrown your way when you’re out showing homes to potential buyers. So being prepared in any situation is a must to make sure you can continue business as usual no matter what situation comes your way.

We’ve put together our list of must haves every real estate agent should keep in their car. Connect with us on social and share your must have items!

1. Digital Tape measure

More times than not you’ll find yourself in situations where you need to take quick measurements of an area.

2. Bottles of water

For days when the heat is too much to bare and you or a client just needs to quench your thirst.

3. Flashlight

This always comes in handy, especially if you’re showing a home in the evening and there is no natural light to light up the homes interior.

4. Toilet paper

This is for a pretty obvious use, but toilet paper is an essential item that you will want to keep at all times.

5. First aid kit

Always be prepared for a minor emergency and keep your first aid kit fully stocked.

6. Hammer

You may find yourself putting up and taking down open house signs pretty frequently so keeping a hammer at hand could save you on hassle.

7. Snacks

Whether you get “hangry” after a long day on the job or your clients’ kids are complaining about how hungry they are, having snacks is a must.

8. Work gloves

There are a number of things that you may come across that may have to be picked up or moved to prepare for a showing.

9. Dog treats

Yappy dogs can be a nuisance when showing a home. Keeping some treats for the furry friends can help keep them busy.

10. Air fresheners

Homes that have been sitting unattended for some time can develop unpleasant odors. Air fresheners may help alleviate the foul smells so that you and your clients can breathe easier in a home.

Things to never say to an real estate agent

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Real Estate Agent

If you’ve been in the industry long enough (or even for a short time) you’ve probably been on the wrong end of a flippant comment or something has been said to you that’s rubbed you the wrong way. Unfortunately, in the world of real estate many don’t understand just how big of an asset having an agent provides until they’re trying to purchase or sell a house on their own.

We’ve put together our list of 5 things clients should never say to a real estate agent. Do you have examples of your own? Connect with us on social and help us add to our list in the comments!

  1. “I’m still shopping around and not ready to commit to one agent.”

Having commitment issues is no fun in any relationship, not even the relationship between a client and agent. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the amount of work and time agents put into scheduling and showing home listings.

  1. “That’s not what it says on Zillow.”

Zillow is a great preliminary tool, but a professional agent can provide a comparative marketing analysis that is significantly more accurate.

  1. “I’m not ready to get pre-approved for a mortgage.”

Pre- approvals are important for a number of reasons. They show prospective sellers that you’re a serious candidate and gives the seller confidence in your ability to obtain a loan. They also give your agent confidence in your commitment before they invest countless hours helping you find your next home.

  1. “I want to do a FSBO, I just want some advice.”

Just “picking your brain,” is the nice way of telling professionals you want their help and knowledge for free. Not to mention, advising how to sell a home isn’t a one size fits all type of scenario. Agents do this for a living; if you want their help, pay them.

  1. “I’d love to get payed to look at pretty houses all day.”

Trivializing anyone’s profession should always be a big no-no! Agents do a lot of back end and front end work. Seeing pretty houses is just a perk on top of all of the other tasks they perform.