Five Tips For First Time Homebuyers

For many first time homebuyers, the prospect of finding and purchasing a home can be a bit overwhelming. Here are five tips to help you get started on the path to home ownership.

1. Determine what type of home matches your needs.

Residential properties come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from condominiums and townhouses to traditional single-family houses and multi-family buildings. You should carefully consider all options before beginning the search.  Keep in mind how your needs may change in the near future.

2. Identify the features you want your home to have.

While you will be hard pressed to find a home that has everything you want, you should also remember that you are likely making one of the biggest purchases of your life. By creating a list of features such as neighborhood, size, and amenities, you can rank prospective homes based on how closely they match your ideal house.

3. Use all available resources.

Because the real estate market typically covers a wide geographical area, it is important to take advantage of all opportunities to find prospective homes. In addition to using a qualified real estate agent, you should consider seeking out listings online and looking for for-sale signs in your neighborhoods of interest. Many homebuyers also choose to ask friends, family, and business associates about potential listings, which can result in a key reference.

4. Secure financing.

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of the home buying process, financing is arguably the most important. Many first time homebuyers may qualify for government loans and loans with lower down payment requirements. Before you sign a loan agreement, you should perform careful research of all options and seek out guidance from a licensed mortgage professional.

5. Make an offer.

After you identify a home that you wish to purchase, you must submit an offer to the seller. In most cases, you tell your real estate agent how much you are willing to pay for the house and indicate any special conditions you want to ask for.

How To Use Social Media To Sell Your Home

Despite generation gaps, the use of social websites and applications has increased across the board. With online interactions becoming the predominant form of communication, establishing an online presence is now vital to all types of business, including real estate. So, as a homeowner leaping into the world of FSBO, or working alongside an agent to create buzz, tapping into the vast arsenal of social media marketing could make all the difference.

Check out these 5 tips and stay ahead of the ball:

1. Blog, blog and blog again!

Setting up a blog is the first step you should take in establishing your online visibility. This can be used as a tool to create your narrative and help establish an emotional connection between you and possible buyers. Also, once your blog is set up, you can use the link in all of your social media posts on other websites.

2. Get Social

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great for socializing and updating your friends and family on different aspects of your life. Whether sharing a photo or a personal thought, you can instantly connect to a large pool of people on topics that are meaningful to you. So why not share about your home! Yes, your family and friends may not be in the market for a new home, but at least a few know people who are. Ask for likes, shares, and retweets, just be mindful of the frequency of your posts – spamming your friends is not the way to go.

3. Don’t Forget about Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest, the red headed step child of networking sites. You may be thinking, “how could a Pinterest board help me sell my home?” Well, not only is Pinterest used to find ideas and inspirations, but buying products and receiving information has also become a focus for the social media site. Pinning images of your house with direct link attachments to your listings or blog will help drive traffic to those platforms and ultimately give your home more exposure to interested buyers.

 4. #GetVisible

“What in the world is a hashtag?” you may ask. Simple, it’s your ticket to the outside world. Hashtags allow you to have visibility to entire demographics of individuals who may be searching for products you’re selling; In this case, the product being sold is a house. Also, getting creative and using a hashtag that is memorable and specific to your home can work as a reference point for anyone wanting to find your post. Most, if not all social media sites have incorporated hashtags as a feature on their platform.

5. Know Your Audience

It’s important to remember that every social media platform has its own unique niche, and in order to get the most out of your media marketing, you need to cater to your audience. For example, posting high quality images on Instagram, and short meaningful text on Twitter will help facilitate better interaction on your posts.

At the end of the day, selling a house takes diligence, patience and hard work; maintaining relationships with potential buyers and keeping open lines of communication is key. However, if all else fails, ask for advice. There are plenty of professionals who are capable and willing to help you in your home-selling endeavors!

The Benefits Of An Online Lender

It’s 2016, and in a time where computers, tablets and mobile devices are increasingly changing how consumers do business across all markets, mortgage lenders are finding that they must adapt to the needs of their borrowers. AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation consistently stays ahead of the curve. Since 2002, AmeriSave has been able to offer current mortgage rates in a matter of seconds, becoming one of the nation’s largest online lenders.

For majority of consumers, the internet isn’t just affecting how they do business, but how they receive information. That’s why establishing a site that is not only functional as a transactional tool, but also an information hub for current rates, has boosted AmeriSave up as one of the leading mortgage lenders in the United States. With various home purchase, mortgage refinance and home equity calculators, you can determine for yourself the best options that will fit your needs.

AmeriSave’s online presence allows borrowers to apply for loans directly from the website while receiving the expert customer service generally associated with brick and mortar businesses. Thanks to its straightforward ease of use, AmeriSave allows you to cut out the middleman and begin the mortgage process yourself online; thus allowing you to start your mortgage process with a pre-approval so that you have an idea of what you can afford while also showing potential sellers that you are a serious buyer.

With convenience and ease at your fingertips, getting a pre-approval is literally a click away. Apply now